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Flay Ash Raymond Mill Working Principle 2019-06-14

Fly ash Raymond mill is mainly composed of main unit, analyzer, fan, dischargeing cyclone separator, powder cyclone separator and air duct. Among them, the main unit consists of frame, blow shell, shovel, grinding roller and grinding ring.

Flay Ash Raymond Mill

1.The lump material will be conveyed into the storage bin by the bucket elevator after it is crushed into the required particle size by the jaw crusher.

2.Then electro vibrating feeder will uniformly transfer the material into the grinding chamber of the host machine.

3.The material is up thrown and fed into the space between the grinding roller and grinding ring in the process of synchronous rotation of the shovel and the grinding roller, and forms a cushion material layer.

4.The material on this layer is grinded between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Thus, the purpose of powder production is achieved.

5.The grinded powder will be carried by the airflow of the fan into the analyzer for classification.

6.The powder with the qualified fineness will enter the large cyclone collector, together with the airflow through the pipes, for classification, and then, will be discharged by the discharging device, as the finished product.

7.The airflow is sucked into the air blower through the air return pipe on the upper part of the large cyclone collector.

8.The unqualified powder will be thrown to the external wall by the airflow and separated from the airflow.

9.The coarse powder will fall into the grinding chamber for regrinding due to its own gravity.

10.The whole airflow system is closed and cyclic, and it flows under the positive and negative pressure circularly.