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Which is better grinding mill to deal with gangue? 2016-05-30

 Coal is a hard coal Kaolin, and is a non-metallic mineral resources accompanied by coal closely. Currently, we mainly use Raymond grinding mill and high pressure grinding mill and other equipments to deal with gangue.Because gangue has good brittleness, and its hardness is relatively not high, it is easy to achieve with a grinding degree of a grinding mill. The process of grinding mill is simple and smooth, which is ideal for those resource-rich regions investment management production projects. In recent years, many places began to pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, even specially formulate incentive measures to encourage enterprises to purchase the grinding mill, crushing equipment, They put this solid waste into heat, electricity, building materials and other resources available to address the problem of environmental pollution has long been.

Raymond grinding mill

Gangue grinded by grinding mill is used in many fields. In particular, the coatings and paper industry, is inevitable to develop the future of the industry. The prospect of coal gangue is quite optimistic.
Raymond grinding mill is common device for processing gangue, which has a small footprint, low energy consumption, but the processing capacity of which is very strong. Raymond grinding mill can process coal into 80-325 mesh.

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