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What Is The Price of Stone Grinding Machine 2016-12-23

As we all know, stone grinding machine is often used in the quarry and the quarry owner uses it to generate the stone powder. Some quarry owner needs stone powder with high fineness when others need the stone powder with low fineness. We have to mention that the stone powder needs to be sold with high price have to choose the high fineness stone grinding machine.

Clirik has sold several sets of stone grinding machine production line to the market. Stone grinding machine is the hot product for its good application and well performance. What’s more, the stone grinding machine has the international standard certification like CE, ISO and so on. The quality of the stone grinding machine is very important. Therefore, there is a warranty of the stone grinding machine. Stone grinding machine produced by Clirik is reliable machine for super fine powder manufacturers.

As for the question of what is the price of the stone grinding machine? This answer may vary. Because different configuration and different components have different price.

stone grinding machine

For example, one kind of machine produced by a machinery company in China has the price of 100000 dollars. But the machine which is produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.. Ltd. with higher motor power and high quality casting steel has the price of 50000 dollars. What’s more, the fineness is even higher than usual machine.

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