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Clirik Celebrate the Holiday of “Ten/One” 2017-09-22

When you read the title of this articel, you must be very confused. You must have such a question, what is the “Ten/One”? “Ten/One” is refer to the October 1st, the day is the national day of China, almost all of our Chinese will have long holiday.

national day

And during this time, we can put our work aside and spend more time traveling, or going home to spend time with our families and having family time together. What's more, there is also a very important festival in the National Day holiday in 2017, the mid autumn festival.

I want to return home this year and spend the holidays with my family. And I'll travel with my family.

mid autumn festival

Of course, if you need some information about the grinding mill, you can leave a message on our website. We will have the staff on duty during the holidays and be patient to answer your doubts.