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Clirik Wish You 5.1 Happy Holiday 2017-04-28

Another two days, is the May 1 International Labor Day, in China on May Day, we will usher in the office of a small holiday for three days. We can let go of our work and enjoy our holiday.

International Labor Day is also known as "May 1 International Labor Day", "international demonstrations day", is the world's more than and 80 national holiday. Set in May 1st of each year. It is a festival that the working people all over the world share. July 1889, led by Engels, the second International Congress in Paris. The meeting adopted a resolution, the provisions of the international workers held a parade in May 1, 1890, and decided to set the day of May 1st as the international labor day. The people's Government of the Central People's government made a decision on December 1949, will be identified as labor day in May 1st.

 International Labor Day

As a grinding mill manufacturer, Clirik meet with you for a good time. What will you do during your may day in your country? Welcome to share with us.