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Clirik E-commerce Team Launched Deep Cooperation 2014-06-05

For E-commerce industry, cloud age brought a new technology, a new business logic and also a new way to communicate. At the beginning of the year, many big E-commerce enterprises conducted its own change. For example, Alibaba changed its structure, and then put forward “small but beautiful” concept, while Jingdong proposed “culture live” principle.

In 2012, Clirik’s e-commerce team regulated its formation, through which Clirik completed its transformation from fine management to specialized management. Meanwhile, CLirik has held Clirik to creating a “professional, efficient, safe, and loyalty” e-commerce team. In addition, innovative BBS platform, on which one can share their experience and also learn from others, assures Clirik ‘s achievements could be shared on time.

Set up a new marketing model/ Create learning organization

Creating maximum value for customers

In 2014, Clirik will continue to promote its brand influence on the internet on the one hand, and on the other hand, maintain its innovation through learning, training, sharing and providing perfect knowledge system. In addition, under the principle of ensuring the existing performance stable, CLIRIK ’s e-commerce will try some new projects and new areas.

When mentioned innovation project, Mr. Li, manager of e-commerce team said, “in the New Year, when combining with the original promotion mode, we will also expand our areas, and will extend to offline. Making marketing channel perfect, accumulating and finding more practical information out, in order to truly promote our brand to each corner of the world, and finally create the max value for more customers.