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On 2015 Christmas, New Year and Grinding Mill Machine by Clirik 2014-12-12

Clirik enterprise is a professional machinery manufacturing company in China and all the products made by Clirik is of high quality. A week ago, Clirik took its best selling grinding mill to Bauma China international machinery exhibition and received good respond from its mass customer.
HGM 1680 grinding mill machine made by Shanghai Clirik Co., Ltd is a kind of large capacity high efficiency mill machine which is suitable for super fine powder processing. Those fine powder include limestone, calcium carbonate, carbon black, waste tyre pyrolysis carbon black and so on. Those raw material should be brittle and not too wet. The humidity degree should be less than 6%. Generally, ordinary common stone, rock and mineral is appropriate for this machine.

High fineness and large capacity made the grinding mill star product in this exhibition and received a lot of praise. Many clients came our company to visit our factory, watched how our demo machine work and inspected the final product powder size. A customer from India order a set of HGM 125, since he do not need such large capacity like HGM 1680.
Clirik is enthusiastic about the high fineness powder machine manufacturing since 2001. And through years of accumulated experience and technology, we secured the ability to produce the best quality grinding mill machine in mining field and all keep doing the right to maintain its good reputation among its mass customers.
Therefore, the culture of Clirik seem to be too cautious compared to other machinery company. Clirik regard product quality as the life of the enterprise. Every bits of the grinding mill machine should be adjusted to the best condition through the strict production test. No ineligible grinding mill machine passes the product examination. With so much effort and care upon the grinding mill machine, this shining Clirik grinding mill machine finally comes out to face the public. The public praise accumulates fast and this effect grows stronger and stronger. There is saying that good things sell themselves, it was completely true.
Those years, little advertisement fee was paid to the advertisement agent, and it was just a cup of water compared to the ocean of research and development investment and enterprise management method promotion fee. Clirik group believe that the group strength comes from the advanced technology, customer-oriented product development and the most modern humanized caring management. All the worker of Clirik take their job happily and with full attention just like making something out for themselves. A young guy name Jackson said to the author in a interview ,”I like my factory and the factory has given me a wonderful new different life. So I am more than glad to work for Clirik for my whole life.” Really a moving and impressive testimonial to the success of Clirik management. The author what to confirm it further then he went to e-commerce department and interviewed a girl named Amber, when she heard about this interview, she can’t help to get own of the emotion off her chest.
“Last year I came here and saw Mr. Fred, in my heart he was a really warm-hearted and kind  man, I like him very much. Therefore I worked very hard to prove that he was right to choose me  for the job he gave me.” Maybe this caring and humanized culture of Clirik really makes the success of Clirik. Though Amber doesn’t know the reason why she likes this company but she does wish to take the responsibility and finish her job as good as possible. Clirik leader group do have a keen foresight and feasible strategic plan to control everything around the corner. Upcoming future in the eyes of Clirik is the on doing present. No wonder Clirik always takes the role of grinding mill machine industry pioneer and leads the trend of grinding equipment innovation. Taking the advantage over so many stone grinding machine and crushing equipment, Clirik is worthy of the name Super Ultra-fine Powder Expert in China. Germany latest technology is obtained to produce powder with the least power and out with highest fineness. Energy saving and easy handling are the features of the grinding mill made by Clirik. Small investment, easy installation, comprehensive before and after sales service, low power consumption, cost-effective performance, long service life, high grinding and crushing ratio, easy maintenance and high fineness and so on, all those things make Clirik grinding mill machine incomparable product in 2015 January.
c7.jpgIn the upcoming 2015 new year, 2015 Christmas day, Clirik staff were excited because we all like festivals, though there isn’t any vocation or holiday on that day because there is no official national regulations about the day-off on that day. Christmas is the festival of western world to be happy with Father Christmas, who is in tale and always bring people good hope to life and future. Clirik will also take its own pace to manufacturer the best grinding mill machine on the auspicious day. We name this machine Clirik Christmas Core Crushing Equipment, this dashing machine will be sold for half price for the celebration of the Christmas day when the configuration of the machine will be deployed with the latest high technology new design, little power consumption, 3 year quality warranty that any dissatisfaction from the customer will take the right to exchange for a new type or new same kind one, what’s more, this special Christmas version machine allows the return back when in dissatisfaction with the machine and the customer will have nothing lost. With so many special unique privilege given to our dear client, no one can resist it anymore. If the author were a quarry owner, he will own this grinding mill machine immediately. However, this machine promotion activity held by Clirik is not open to internal employees. Therefore, this special welfare will finally be given to the essential customer. Finally, we come to the conclusion that it is worth owning this special grinding mill.

New year’s day of 2015 will definitely give the customers of Clirik a fresh feeling. With all the service and grinding mill machine new product launched one by one, the new year promotion will certainly reach a new level. Clirik do hope that its customers become more and more contented when using its loved grinding mill machine. This conception of being the best service of the group’s mass customer is the finally purpose and goal of the company, which origins at the establishment of the enterprise.

Someone who knows little about Clirik is confused and puzzled about the success of Clirik. As one of the people who have witnessed the grow of the group and is familiar to this company, the author have the most appropriate comment and appraise on it. That is, better product and service build better enterprise future.